My art practice resonates around loss, decay and memory. I am inspired by the concept of Wabi Sabi, Japanese for seeing beauty in the imperfections and impermanence, the way life is. My work explores the differences between Eastern and Western cultural views on beauty, perfection and permanence.

The work I create explores marks made by my body through filling and pushing clay into empty spaces of broken architectural structures to handmade boxes that fit the body. The use of clay captures my body movements and repetitive actions that are then transferred and preserved into latex. Latex is a fascinating material that acts as a skin, it ages and deteriorates in time and in my work it is literally a shedding of skin; the reminiscence of my body, my movements and my performance.

I have a personal connection with my work from filling in empty spaces, mentally as well as physically. This has become a form of therapy for myself allowing me to feel a sense of fulfilment in capturing the beauty of decay and memory. Displaying these past actions of my ‘performance’ is a chance to challenge the legacy we leave behind for others.

Artist Statement

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